4 Steps to Sprucing up your Yard for Spring

Do you get the spring cleaning urge?

It happens every year.

The days get longer, our energy levels rise—and suddenly we need our homes to sparkle and shine.

Scrubbing away winter’s muck can feel like you’ve given yourself a fresh, clean canvas with no marks on it yet. The proverbial blank slate. Warm weather breezes in and we scrub our windows, wash our curtains, purge our closets—make space for a new season.

And if you’re like us, warmer temps mean getting to spend more time outside.

Time for soccer and Saturday grill-outs. Picnics and patio time. Maybe this is the year you’ll finally get that bocce ball set.

But could your backyard use some spring cleaning, too?

Like wiping away dust and grime from inside your home, it’s time to whisk away what winter has left behind in your outdoors space.

End goal: a spotless backyard canvas. You’ll be ready in no time for outdoor fun, from yard games to spring flower gardening to coffee on your patio.

IMG_0370Synthetic grass installed by Keepers Turf

But considering everything that needs to get done can seem overwhelming.

It’s hard to know where to start, right?

Here’s a four step checklist to spring clean your yard and, bonus—lift your spirits while you’re at it.

#1 Survey your space

Before taking action, scan the scene and make a plan. Some excellent news: studies show that literally just walking around in nature can boost your mood.

So grab a notebook, put your detective hat on, and get ready to destress. It’s time to sleuth your yard. What areas need love? While this is a great time to take note of scraggly bushes that want pruning or low spots that need gravel, you’ll also want to keep an eye out for animal damage.

From voles to gophers, our furrier neighbors can... shall we say, interrupt, our gardens. If you spot animal damage, you’ll want to ID the culprit, and then consider how to prevent more damage while preserving your garden.

# 2 Make space and clear away

Weeding may not top your list for entertainment. But does a dose of happiness in just half an hour sound pretty good? Studies show that just 30 minutes of outdoor gardening relieves stress and promotes a positive mood.

Ready to clear those winter blues? Here’s a short list of backyard chores that double as mood boosters.

Deadhead flowers to neaten up and encourage fresh buds.

  • Pruning guidelines are case by case, so consult your state’s cooperative extension service if you’re not sure what to prune when.
  • Weed garden beds to make space for those plants you actually want.
  • Uncover any perennial herbs trying to peep through to give them a good dose of sunshine.

# 3 Mulch your garden beds

Once those beds are cleaned up, they’re ready for every gardener’s favorite treat: a fluffy layer of organic mulch.

This once-living plant material varies from leaves to grass clippings to shredded bark to compost. Some plants favor particular mulch, so a little research might be in order to match mulch to your unique garden. But all mulch conserves water by locking in moisture, suppresses weeds by blocking their sunlight, locks in soil nutrients, and can even add nutrients as the organic material decays.

IMG_3846Synthetic grass installed by Keepers Turf

# 4 Clean up your lawn

Between mowing, fertilizing, and reseeding, natural grass lawns require more than a little post-winter maintenance.

But what if you have artificial turf?

One of the main reasons our customers tell us they switch to artificial turf from natural grass is the low-maintenance factor. Maybe they’re looking for a non-muddy option for a dog run. Or perhaps a side yard their kids can kick a soccer ball for hours on end without twisting an ankle or sneezing up a storm.

Homeowners with artificial turf can simply pick up fallen branches or twigs and sweep leaves and debris away with a plastic or bamboo rake. Wanna go the extra mile? Impress your neighbors by fluffing up your artificial turf against the grain to help it stand tall.

Considering the ease of artificial turf?

If you’re considering upgrading your lawn this spring to artificial turf, you’ll need to consider the right turf infill for you.

And while our customers tell us they love how low-maintenance and durable their artificial turf system with Envirofill is—knowing their families are safe from allergens, bacteria, and mold tops the list.

Ready to upgrade your lawn this spring? Find a distributor or installer near you.

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Written by Ashley Schriefer

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