5 Steps To Becoming An Envirofill Distributor

If you are reading this and you are either a supplier to the artificial turf industry, an installer of these products… or maybe both- have you asked yourself recently, “What do I offer my customers that is unique”, or maybe the question should be, “What SHOULD I be offering my customers that makes me unique?”


You may also be reading this with several years under your belt in this rapidly growing industry, understanding how challenging it is becoming to compete on those founding principles you established long ago. Principles such as quality products, recognized brands, resilient and natural looking yarns or maybe the “best craftmanship out there”. Sound familiar? On the flip side, you might be a newer player in the marketplace who is deciding how to best position your business model for future sustainability and success. Either way, it’s all about staying ahead of those changing dynamics such as supply chain constraints during peak season, imported product competition, diluted product differentiation, etc, etc.

Some might feel it’s debatable on whether the synthetic turf industry is raising installation and product standards or if it’s compomising standards in order constituents to remain competitive? Take infill for example. Sub angular raw sand (whether it’s play sand or kiln dried silica) has always been the minimum standard for infilling landscape turf applications. Why is this? Because it’s very cheap and readily available, right? However, aside from ballast, what is it really doing for your installation and your customers over the long run? You could bring so much more value to your customer, whether they are end users or contractors, by offering something more dynamic and functional, while raising the quality standards for the industry at the same time. You do this with your turf line up, right?

Think about it, approximately 85% of your competition is most likely using a sub standard raw sand infill that provides no value to the customer, nor does it offer an additional revenue opportunity for their business. I’ve just given you two very good reasons to consider becoming an Envirofill Distributor. There are plenty others which we can discuss, but here is a general outline on how to become one and make a difference for your business!

1. Request an introductory call with a USGreentech Regional Sales Manager for your region
2. Establish that you are located in or can service an available distribution territory
3. Meet the requirements for annual volume commitments, customer service & order fullfilment
4. Submit credit application and other criteria for the Distributor Supplier Agreement
5. Place first order and start receiving the partner benefits and support from USGreentech

USGreentech’s brand promise is “Infill and System Expertise for Those Aspiring for Better.” We understand that we will not fit everyone’s business model and we only have a limited number of distribution regions currently available. We’d love to hear from you and understand how we can help you make a difference in your business by Creating Better Turf Systems Together!

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Picture of Mackenzie Hesler, Marketing Manager
Written by Mackenzie Hesler, Marketing Manager

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