8 Home Games and Activities in the Backyard

Are you feeling a bit stir-crazy with all this time at home?

Maybe you miss Friday night dinners out. Or perhaps you dream of meeting friends for a picnic at your favorite park.

If you’re realizing how many of your hobbies include being within six feet of other people (besides the ones you live with), you’re not alone.

But does staying home have to mean feeling stuck indoors?

Before you resign yourself to life inside four walls, why not reinvent your backyard?

Start with giving yourself permission to have fun, and let the ideas flow. Studies show constraints can actually inspire creativity.

Ready to see your backyard lawn with fresh eyes?

Here’s how to make the most of your backyard.


1. If you miss hiking or nature trails...

Set up a nature observation station in your backyard. It could be as simple as a well-positioned chair. Binoculars optional. You might be surprised what wildlife you can spot from your own backyard. This urban birder noticed that since cities are quieter, more birds are out. You might try keeping a nature journal of what you notice as spring unfolds.

2. If you miss the gym…

Bring your exercise outdoors. Whether you want a solo practice or you want to get the family moving together, artificial turf is the ideal stable foundation to practice yoga, dance, or any kind of exercise.


3. If you miss eating out...

What are your favorite restaurants? Try recreating both the menu and the ambiance. Fine dining? Set the scene with candle light on the patio. Barbecue? Perhaps you want to dig out that checkered picnic tablecloth and move the dinner table to the center of your backyard.

Picnic in your backyard


4. If you miss evenings out on the town…

Why not try stargazing? Perhaps it’s time to learn more about the night sky. Spread a blanket on your lawn after dusk. Bring dessert. Pour everyone a glass of something special. Try one of these stargazing apps and see what you can spot.

5. If you miss museums, art and culture…

There are no rules in art! Set up your own outdoors art studio. Try making sun prints from fresh flowers, ferns, or even rocks. Later, try hanging the finished artwork on a clothesline, or even along your fence, for a backyard art show. And if you’re itching for some culture outside of your own creations? Tour a museum, virtually! The Frida Kahlo art museum, for example.

6. If you miss your family and friends…

Zoom happy hour with your loved ones. Need we say more? And if you ask us, happy hour can be any time of day. With any beverage. So spread a picnic blanket on your lawn, set up that laptop, and cheers to some quality time.

7. If you miss camping…

Your backyard is calling! So pitch a tent, snag some lawn chairs, and dust off the fire bowl. It’s time for scary stories and s’mores. A perfect time to practice those constellations you’ve been learning. Bonus: actual restrooms are just a few steps away.

8. If you miss being somewhere…. anywhere else…

We get it. You’re still home. But what if you spruce up your outdoors space? A few strands of twinkly lights can transform a patio at night. Well-placed potted flowers can brighten bland corners. And what about an herb garden to pretty up your yard, plus bring flavor to dinners at home? Basil, sage and mint are all easy to grow herbs to get your kitchen garden going.

Now it’s your turn

See how it works?

First, brainstorm which activities you and your family are pining for. Then, have fun finding ways to recreate them in your very own backyard.

It all starts with your lawn

In the eleven years we’ve been in this business, we’ve learned a lot about the homeowners we work with. Whether families with kids or no kids, whether dogs or no dogs... they all have a few things in common. They want to know their artificial turf will look good, feel good, and be safe to enjoy for years to come. If you’re like our customers—with an eye on safety, aesthetics, and the environment—Envirofill might be just what you’ve been looking for.

First, the right groundwork...

When we say an artificial turf lawn with Envirofill is the ideal foundation for your outdoors stay at home activities—you can easily understand why.

Turf Backyard with EnvirofillThe photo and installation were done by Keepers Turf

We formulated USGreentech’s artificial turf infill specifically for your peace of mind.

Using Envirofill means the freedom to enjoy your backyard with zero concern for the safety or cleanliness of your lawn. From day one, your artificial turf infill will inhibit the growth of mildew, bacteria, and even pet odors. Envirofill is kid-friendly, clean, and high-performing.

So go ahead. Relax. Let Sparky out to do his business. Spread a blanket for a backyard picnic. Enjoy finding new ways to enjoy your backyard even more.

Ready to get started on the foundation for your backyard sanctuary?

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Written by Ashley Schriefer

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