A Guide to Artificial Grass Lawn Maintenance: Spring Edition

Winter’s over and just like the rest of us, your artificial grass is coming out of hibernation. It’s a great time to perform a simple but comprehensive spring-time maintenance protocol to ensure that your kids, friends, and family enjoy premium backyard lounging and playing conditions.

A guide to artificial grass lawn maintenance - Spring EditionPhoto Credit: Keepers Turf

Start your spring season on the right foot by thoroughly cleaning your synthetic grass yard’s surface, discovering issues that may have come up during cold, snowy weather, and checking turf infill levels. These handy tips will guide you to make the most of your synthetic turf landscaping as the weather becomes warmer and more enjoyable.

Synthetic Turf Lawn Maintenance Tips


#1: Clear and remove debris from your yard’s surface

Most backyards aren’t used very much throughout the winter. Litter and debris tend to amass during periods of inactivity. Make sure to thoroughly remove debris from your artificial grass with a leaf rake, leaf blower or similar tool.

#2: Identify issues requiring repair

Walk your artificial grass yard and make note of its conditions and any areas that require repair. Check for loose edging. Expect to find minor signs of wear and tear, especially around the highly-trafficked zones. If your turf landscaping requires professional assistance, schedule a consultation with your nearest turf care specialist.

#3: Rake up matted or high traffic areas

Before topping up your turf infill levels, rake or power broom across the surface of your artificial grass so that the blades are as vertical as possible. Use a lawn rake or Grandi Groom for very small applications. This will help “open” the surface so that the turf infill granules have an easier entry in between the fibers.

#4: Top-off infill levels

This step is more pertinent for homes with backyard putting greens. Measure infill levels across the entirety of your artificial grass yard’s surface, especially the most trafficked areas, which understandably incur the most impaction and migration. Add turf infill to the required depth in the locations that need to be replenished. Keep a few bags of turf infill on hand so that you’re always able to top off infill levels as needed. Reach out to your nearest distributor today and place an order!

#5: Sanitize your artificial turf (Recommended specifically for artificial turf frequented by dogs)

After removing debris, identifying issues in need of repair, raking, and topping up, it’s time for the final step! Clean your synthetic grass with an artificial turf sanitizer. Spray your yard with a diluted sanitizer, making sure that the product you choose is non-toxic, suitable for turf systems, and recommended for the specific turf infill installed in your landscaping. If your home has dogs, make sure to thoroughly hose down the areas where your dog goes to the bathroom. Enzyme cleaner applications will keep those areas hygienic and safe.

Additional Resources for Artificial Grass Maintenance

Once you’ve performed a thorough examination of your artificial grass yard, sanitized it, and topped off turf infill levels, make sure to keep the smells caused by dogs and other pets at bay with this handy guide to preventing and neutralizing dog urine odors.

Looking for the best turf infill solutions that are safe for kids, non-toxic, and environmentally responsible? Check out our blog post, Is Artificial Grass Safe for Kids?

And you can stay ahead of the game and read up on how to take care of your artificial grass in the winter here.

With high-quality turf infill, springtime maintenance is an uncomplicated, easily managed process. Learn about the best turf infill for homes with synthetic turf landscaping.

Do you have questions about preparing your artificial grass to be in tip-top condition this spring? Reach out to a member of the USGreentech team. We’re always happy to help!

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