Video: How to Solve Pet Odors in Your Artificial Turf Lawn, USGreentech's Envirofill for Pets

Your Dog’s Business is Our Business

In life, there’s death, taxes and dogs peeing on your lawn…and when you have an artificial turf lawn, that can be a smelly situation. At USGreentech, we take that matter seriously and have the perfect solution: Envirofill.

Envirofill is a proven infill featuring a technology that fights bacteria, mold and mildew and helps to prevent their associated stains and odors. It’s virtually smell free when your dog goes pee. Envirofill, with built-in Microban technology, keeps the odor at bay helping to control the unpleasant odor. When your dog goes, Envirofill goes to work. It’s great for the furry members of your family and easy to install thanks to its smooth, rounded shape. It also doesn’t compact over time, promoting better drainage, and its green, so it blends into your turf.

If you'd like to learn more, check out this video, which will explain how our infill makes life a little easier and definitely more pleasant-smelling for dog owners.

Envirofill®, by USGreentech, Creating Better Turf Systems Together.

Picture of Mackenzie Hesler, Marketing Manager
Written by Mackenzie Hesler, Marketing Manager

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Looking for Landscape Solutions?

Did you know that we offer solutions for landscaping needs as well? Because of Envirofill's versatility, it's become the top synthetic turf infill choice for landscape applications. There are also health and safety advantages for people, pets, and playgrounds.

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