Top 5 Backyard Landscape Design Ideas of 2019

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More and more families across the United States are transforming their backyards into safe, clean, low maintenance wonderlands with turf systems featuring USGreentech turf infill. They’re attractive, require virtually no maintenance, and drastically decrease water consumption.

The Perfect Turf Infill for Pets and Kids in Your Backyard

Turf systems that use Safeshell or Envirofill turf infill from USGreentech are made with safe and natural materials, so backyards are allergen-free and environmentally responsible. In fact, Envirofill was designed especially for kids and pets! It features Microban® antimicrobial protection to help prevent the growth of bacteria and microbes that can cause stains, odors, and product deterioration.

Turf and creativity go hand in hand! The sky’s the limit with a backyard turf system. We think you’ll enjoy our top 5 backyard landscape design ideas of 2019...

#1 Patio + turf: your backyard’s power couple!

AdobeStock_212241633A turf system is great for kids’ play, but make sure to plan for the adults, too! A comfortable patio is the perfect “lounging zone” adjacent to any playscape and makes for easy, leisurely monitoring. Stone patios have an attractive aesthetic and they’re incredibly low maintenance. For the best backyard stone patio experience, make sure to find durable and relaxing outdoor patio furniture!


#2 An outdoor “stage” for whimsical play and impromptu performances.


Backyard magic is built on imagination. Foster your kids’ imaginative play with a simple platform stage in one of the corners in your yard. Summer nights are likely to be dotted with kid-produced theatrical events and bound to create treasured memories for parents and kids alike!



#3 Fences are fun with chalkboard or climbing walls.


Put your privacy fence to double use by installing an outdoor chalkboard. There are plenty of options, and we recommend a flat exterior latex enamel paint as typical chalkboard paint isn’t suitable for outdoor use.






#4 Keep pesky bugs at bay the natural way with an herb border.


Herb borders are beautiful, smell delicious, and require minimal upkeep. Since mosquitos find astringent and citrusy smelling herbs repugnant, an herb bed along the perimeter of your backyard is a great asset to your thoughtfully designed outdoor haven. We recommend lining your backyard turf space with rosemary, lavender, mint, lemon basil, and lemon balm!



#5 Make rainy days count for something!

turf5Install a rain barrel system as a part of your backyard landscape design. Why? Collecting rainwater ensures that you’ll rarely use the tap to water your herbs and other plants, and you’ll protect the integrity of your turf system, playscape, and landscape design. Insects tend to gather near standing water, too, so using rain barrels to collect water is a great part of any bug control strategy!

Feeling inspired to make the most out of your backyard landscape design?

Create an idyllic spot for your family, friends, and little ones with a turf system that incorporates creative, thoughtful design elements. Get in touch with the experts at USGreentech to start imagining your backyard turf system today.

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Author: Mackenzie Hesler, Marketing Manager

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