Create A Vibrant Outdoor Space for Your Employees with Turf

Employees relax on synthetic turf landscaped on a commercial property.Staff appreciation is important for any work culture; when employees feel valued, they are more engaged in their work and professional development, while also tending to be a part of teams for longer periods of time. Modern companies who value their staff are using creative ways to add value to their workers’ experiences, including making employees’ communal spaces enjoyable.

Turf systems are often favored over natural grass by forward-thinking business owners who transform their premises into beneficial spaces for their workers. Landscapes featuring synthetic turf create attractive and highly functional outdoor areas perfect for breaks, celebrations, and gatherings.

And while turf is great, any old turf infill won’t suffice. Turf systems installed with USGreentech turf infill are clean, comfortable, allergen and toxin-free, and multi-functional. Aside from fostering a sense of peace, pride, and connection in your employees, you will also save money on the maintenance of your newly landscaped business property by choosing a turf system featuring our innovative turf infill (read our recent post, Save Money with Artificial Turf for Your Business, to learn about turf’s financial benefits and simplified maintenance).

Why Every Business Should Have an Outdoor Space for Their Employees 

There are plenty of compelling reasons to undergo a smart landscape design of your business property. You’ll improve your company culture while simultaneously adding value to your property. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways your employees will benefit.

1. Natural Stress Reduction
There’s plenty of scientific evidence that demonstrates how even a small amount of time outdoors greatly benefits humans. A little time outside is known to reduce anxiety. In fact, according to Science News, “Taking at least 20 minutes out of your day to stroll or sit in a place that makes you feel in contact with nature will significantly lower your stress hormone levels.” A less-stressed workforce creates success for everyone on an individual level and for the companies who employ them.

Need some inspiration? Check out this initiative by Plantronics Headquarters in California. They used Envirofill turf infill to create a recreational field and bocce courts for their employees, installed by Heavenly Greens. The new facilities inspire a healthy, active lifestyle.

2. Multi-functional Meeting Space
Turf systems are clean, livable surfaces designed for human activity with a focus on comfort and ease of use. Installing a turf system with either Envirofill or Safeshell ensures that your outdoor space is as clean as possible, while also being allergen, dust, and toxin-free.

Business premises redesigned with turf systems are incredibly functional. Suddenly, there is a new place for large and small staff events, formal team meetings, lunches, and company festivities.

Turf systems work incredibly well with smart landscape design elements. For maximum functionality, utilize simple, intentionally-chosen outdoor furniture, create a shaded area and make sure there is plenty of open space.

3. Team Bonding Opportunities
There’s nothing like a well-designed outdoor setting to bring people together. From cookouts to soccer games, to family days and more, your business’s premises can be transformed from a barely used, marginally attractive site to the most loved location on the property, a place where your team connects with colleagues and brings their kids and pets (and with our turf infill options, your employees’ kids and pets will be perfectly safe and clean. In fact, our turf infill is chosen again and again for family-friendly settings and was recently installed at the world’s largest children’s museum).

It makes perfect sense that business owners are choosing to optimize their business’s outdoor spaces to show their staff appreciation and cultivate a sense of connection and bonding.

Ready to recreate your business premises with USGreentech?

Your employees will love the look, feel, and cleanliness of USGreentech turf infill. We offer two premium infill options. Both Envirofill and Safeshell are safe, allergen-free, and Safeshell is made with 100% natural materials. This means that your professional outdoor spaces will be clean, allergen-free, environmentally responsible and budget-friendly!

Let’s get started. We’re excited to help you increase team morale by upgrading your company’s outdoor space! Get in touch today.

Picture of Mackenzie Hesler, Marketing Manager
Written by Mackenzie Hesler, Marketing Manager

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