Your Kids Are Safer on Envirofill Playgrounds—Here’s Why

When installing a new playground fun and safety are always top of mind.  Not only do you want the surfacing to look amazing and provide a unique user experience for the children, it also needs to be resilient and soft enough to meet critical fall height standards.  According to this National Safety Council article on playground safety, “nearly 80% of playground injuries are caused by falls.” Envirofill turf provides a soft place to land, which means less time sitting out during recess.  Ultimately, when it comes to artificial turf on playgrounds, USGreentech has you covered!

Envirofill is the leader in progressive infills for playground systems.  Designed with kids in mind it is completely non-toxic, won’t cling to clothing, and is California Proposition 65 compliant (meaning that Envirofill doesn't have any chemicals on the list of chemicals known to cause disease and or birth defects). Your infill will also stay cleaner thanks to Microban® antimicrobial technology that fights stain and odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew.  And finally its smooth, uniform, rounded shape keeps it from compacting over time and helps to provide the following fall height results that should remain similar to the day of installation:

(ASTM 1292 CFH is a standard for minimum requirements for playground surfaces in order to reduce the risk of severe head injury from falls. Click on the link for more details on the ASTM 1292 CFH)

You get all of that performance and it’s up to 25% cooler than rubber alternatives. Why is this important? Two words: thermal burns. According to this Consumer Product Safety Commission fact sheet, the organization reported 30 thermal burns on playgrounds between 2001 and 2008, ten of which were associated with non-metal surfaces— and it doesn’t even have to be a hot day!  

In addition, Envirofill lets parents rest easy while their kids are having fun.  The San Ysidro School District used Envirofill and said, “Our school replaced our play lawn with Envirofill.  It gives peace of mind to our parents that their kids are safe on our playground.”

They unveiled their new $1 million field: a 62,000-square-foot synthetic turf with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on February 11th.  As their previous playground was badly deteriorated, they were incredibly excited to be on a much safer one. To read more about their new playground check out "San Ysidro School District Unveils $1Million Artificial Turf Playground".

Let's face it, we were all kids once. We all have endured the scrapes and scratches that came with the fun recess games of childhood. But if we can use current technology to prevent more scrapes, burns and even head injuries, why wouldn't we. USGreentech is proud to play a part of a future with less chemicals, less injuries and more fun on the playground.


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*The testing behind the chart above was completed by Sports Labs, a third party certified, independent testing agency, in a lab testing facility.  Installation service provider, designer and/or owner must take careful measures to ensure system is designed and constructed properly for optimal performance.  Post installation field testing and proper maintenance is recommended to ensure system continues to meet desired compliancy.

*The above testing results are for guidance purposes only.  USGreentech is a product provider and bears no responsibility for the installation, maintenance or post installation testing results of the system.

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Written by Adam Coleman - General Manager

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