Tennis Courts Installed at The Club at Las Campanas

When you hear USGreentech, you're probably thinking football, soccer, baseball, all field sports right? Well, we're here to talk about another passion of ours, tennis courts.

Tennis is a game of  recreation for some, and perfection for others— right down to those crisp tennis whites. Serious players spend years improving their swing so they can ace their opponents. To be the best, you want to play on the best surface, and having a synthetic turf tennis court with Envirofill® gives you a game experience that is unmatched.



Tennis players want to play on a court that performs consistently all year. The rounded shape of Envirofill gives that consistent performance regardless of the season or the location. Envirofill avoids compaction, ensuring your court will play similar to the day of installation even after years of use. Using a rounded infill such as Envirofill allows players to execute controlled slides to mimic real clay courts, without the costly maintenance. Envirofill even comes with a ten year warranty! Other turf systems: we'll just say game, set match.

Envirofill tennis courts are really easy to maintain. The coating of Envirofill sheds water allowing your court to dry quickly, and be ready for play soon after even the heaviest rainfall. The durable coating holds its color years after installation, standing up to harsh weather and UV exposure.   It also has properties to reduce heat, for a great example on the importance of heat The BBC has a great article about heating concerns on athletic and recreational surfaces called "Too Hot For Tennis? The Impact of Heat on Players".

It’s no wonder facilities around the world choose Envirofill for their synthetic turf tennis courts. As Todd Shaw, Director of Fitness, Tennis and Spa at The Club at Las Campanas says, “Utilizing Envirofill for our seven, synthetic clay tennis courts has given our facility a competitive advantage. The look is pristine, the maintenance is minimal, and the playability is second to none. I would greatly recommend this product for facilities that are serious about high-performance courts and impressive results!”

Envirofill isn’t limited to large tennis facilities. It is common for backyard courts where there is not round the clock staff to maintain the court. Proud Envirofill tennis court owner, Chuck Beckner of Lake Texoma, TX, said “After nearly 30 years of playing tennis on all types of surfaces around the world, I decided to have an artificial tennis court with Envirofill installed in my backyard. Having Envirofill for my synthetic tennis court has been a huge benefit. The court dries quickly, requires little to no maintenance, and plays nearly identical to a real clay tennis court. Using Envirofill is a no-brainer; It looks and feels like the real thing, without all the hassle.”

With less maintenance, longer playing hours, and a pristine court, you’ll be able to master your game faster than the rest. Don’t fall behind to your competition, call us today for more information about how to get Envirofill for your tennis court!

Picture of Brad Borgman - Director of Sales
Written by Brad Borgman - Director of Sales

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