How Much Does Synthetic Grass Landscaping Cost?

Synthetic Grass Landscaping

Consult this handy guide to project the costs of a backyard turf system.

Why Synthetic Grass?

Artificial turf appeals to homeowners all over the United States who want to enjoy attractive, functional yards without the hassle and expenses of maintenance and watering.  With the correct turf infill, artificial grass can be non-toxic, safe for kids, and compatible with homes where dogs live. 

What’s the Best Turf Infill For Homes with Kids and Pets?

USGreentech makes two innovative turf infill products designed for durable, pet-friendly and clean outdoor spaces. Both Envirofill and Safeshell are focused on safety, sanitation, and sustainability, making them ideal for use in home landscapes. 

What Does an Artificial Lawn Install Cost?

The advantages of synthetic grass are pretty clear, but determining the total cost of installing it in your backyard is less so! Costs will largely depend on the size of your yard and the complexity of your landscape design. Ultimately, the price of installation comes down to the materials needed and the labor required to complete your project.

After installation is complete, you can expect the maintenance costs of your backyard turf system to be minimal. Taking care of synthetic grass requires hardly any time or money for many, many years. Residential turf systems typically need to be replaced after eight to ten years of enjoyment and use.

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Artificial Lawn Materials and Labor Costing Guide

Let’s take a look at the materials that make up all of the components of a typical backyard turf system and their costs, in order to accurately project the overall price of investing in artificial turf landscaping.

Consult our useful pricing guide below to help determine the estimated cost of your home’s turf installation. This chart provides rough projections and is organized by materials, however, the labor expenses associated with each material and/or component have been factored into the figures provided. 

Note: The material and labor costs of synthetic turf installation are calculated by the square foot with the exception of edging which is calculated by the linear foot. 

 Turf System Component

 Estimated Cost of Installation per Square Foot

 Ground preparation


 Base rock (imported aggregate materials   compacted in the designated area)



 $1.00-$1.50 per Linear Foot

 Gopher wire or mesh and weed barrier


 Turf Carpet


 Envirofill turf infill


 Safeshell turf infill



Should I Install Synthetic Grass Myself? 

This is a question we are asked frequently. And while it is true that going the DIY route can eliminate labor costs (and thereby reduce up to half of your project’s total expenses), you’re better off resisting the temptation. 

Why? Turf installation isn’t a typical or even an easy DIY project. Properly installed artificial turf systems require experienced technicians and specialty equipment. Choose a professional installation service and leave the pre-cut rolls on the shelves of your local home improvement shop to get the job done right. 

Projecting the Cost of Artificial Turf Maintenance and Reinstallation

After installation, maintaining your turf system is easy and cheap. The standard backyard requires brushing of the highly trafficked areas with a turf-specific rake every few months and occasional leaf blowing. Backyards with higher-than-normal usage may need more frequent brushing (typically once or twice a month instead of three or four times per year). For backyard turf systems with dogs, an enzyme cleaner should be included in the brushing protocol. All in all, investing in a turf rake, enzyme cleaner, and leaf blower should cost you no more than $300.

When it’s finally time to replace your turf grass and turf infill, anticipate your system’s reinstallation costs to be 30-40% less than the cost of the initial installment. The ground will not need to be prepared with base rock again, and as long as there is no shifting at your site, the process is simple and efficient. The first component you’ll replace is the turf carpet followed by the turf infill. The lifecycle of turf infill varies by brand and product. Envirofill is USGreentech’s most popular infill and is guaranteed to last for sixteen years.

At USGreentech, we thoroughly understand the requirements and considerations of turf systems for home use and we’re happy to guide you through the process. Reach out to a USGreentech team member today.

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Written by Brad Borgman - Director of Sales

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