Transform your Backyard into a Summer Vacation Spot with Artificial Turf

How are your summer fun plans coming along?

We’re living in strange times. Most of the typical summer vacations simply won’t be possible this year.

With summer camps unlikely to open and many community pools shut down, we’re having to rethink how to make the most of the season.

But different doesn’t have to mean lackluster. In fact, some say restraints actually boost creativity. This summer is about stretching the bounds of our imagination, and looking for inspiration close to home.

Artificial turf lawn with EnvirofillA trampoline, basketball court, and putting green all in one yard! Photo & installation by Green Label Turf.

Since our customers are some of our biggest inspirations, we turned to projects our distributors have installed for how some homeowners have turned their backyards into permanent vacation spots — with artificial turf!

Let’s take a look at ways to transform your backyard into your dream summer staycation.

Play Volleyball With The Family

What’s more classic summer fun than volleyball? You may not make it to the beach this summer, but it turns out artificial turf makes an ideal surface for this lively team sport. It’s tough enough for all that jumping around, and with a pad, it’s safe for any inevitable falls. Another plus? However you set up your net, an artificial turf volleyball court is multipurpose. Play a game of volleyball when you’re in the mood — and still have the flexibility for and all those other fun summer games.

Synthetic Turf Volleyball with Envirofill InfillArtificial turf volleyball court installation and photo by LawnPop

Perfect Your Putting Skills

You might not make it to the golf resort this summer. But what if this is the year you finally install the backyard putting green you’ve been dreaming of? Imagine stepping onto your back patio, cold drink in hand… and then on into your own pint-size golf green. Artificial grass is common for golf greens for its performance for beginners and professionals alike — players like to know their putting surface is working for them, not against them. Are you interested in getting your backyard putting green started? Learn more here.

Artificial turf putting green with EnvirofillArtificial turf putting green

Relax By The Pool

There’s nothing like cannon-balling into a backyard pool to cool down on a sticky summer day. And between watching the kiddos, lounging under an umbrella with a novel, and picnicking pool-side, there’s plenty of reasons to carefully choose the landscaping around the pool, too. Artificial turf tends to be popular for backyard pool landscaping. And if you’re anything like our customers? It’s that low-maintenance dream that sways them. (Why spend time weeding and watering when you could be lounging poolside with a good book?)

Envirofill Artificial Turf Lawn with Swimming Pool Installation and photo by TNT Greens

Make Your Own Park

Have the kids been missing going to the park? Build a playground at home! With community parks still feeling iffy, this may be the year. Imagine being able to read a magazine in a shady spot, chat with a friend, or sip on a cold drink while your kids swing and climb all afternoon — without ever having to leave your backyard. When you’re installing the playset, you’ll want to consider the playground surface. A top concern for homeowners installing playsets at home is what’s below the playground. Parents typically are looking for a safe foundation for their kids to play on. Luckily, modern turf systems excel at safety. Discover why this Virginia kids academy chose artificial turf with Envirofill for their playground here.

Backyard playground with artificial turfArtificial turf backyard playground

Build Your Own Bocce Ball Court

Also called “lawn bowling”, bocce ball is an ancient yard game dating back to the Roman empire. And it’s perfect for idling away a summer afternoon. Although it’s gained popularity in recent years in North America, it’s still unique so it’s a fun party trick to surprise your neighbors.

To build your court, you’ll want a flat area to play to keep the game fair — which is one reason artificial turf works well as the playing surface. Another reason? That clean, natural look of artificial turf makes for a classic aesthetic. Don your finest garden party attire and elevate your backyard vibes.

Bocce Ball court with artificial turfBocce ball court with artificial turf installation in progress by Keepers Turf

The Best Part of Using Artificial Turf for Your Backyard?

All these uses can be interchangeable. Play volleyball or soccer. Relax poolside. Supervise the kids on the playset while you practice your putting skills. No matter how you use your backyard, an artificial turf system gives you the freedom to enjoy endless summer fun — all without leaving your house.

Choose from our two popular artificial turf infills to complete the best artificial turf system for your needs: Envirofill and Safeshell.

Looking for more inspiration? Follow #EnvirofillForTheWin on Instagram to see how you can transform your leisure space with artificial grass. Also, check out a few other ways to get creative with synthetic turf.

Artificial Turf Lawn Bowling - Envirofill InfillAre you up for artificial turf lawn bowling? Installation and photo by Keepers Turf.

Artificial Turf soccer pool tableArtificial turf covered soccer pool table, installation and photo by Keepers Turf

Dog on artificial turf by poolEnvirofil infill is perfect for backyards for families with pets. Photo and install by Turfscape Westside.

So what do you think?

Ready to transform your backyard into your dream summer staycation spot?

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