Kid’s Turf- Tips for Creating the Perfect Backyard Playzone

The best thing you can do when upgrading your backyard to an artificial grass system is to ensure that you choose the safest, cleanest, and greenest turf infill for your family! After all, turf infill is the component of the turf system that makes near-constant contact with the people (or animals) who spend time on it.

At USGreentech, one of our greatest joys is in helping families make beautiful and fun outdoor spaces. USGreentech’s two turf infill products, Safeshell and Envirofill, both offer safe, clean, sustainable solutions ideally suited to be used and enjoyed by small children and pets.

Why is USGreentech the best turf infill company for kids and pets?

pet friendly and kid friendly turf allergen-free synthetic turf backyard turf infill

Before becoming an industry leader in safe, nontoxic turf infill, USGreentech made a commitment to becoming an industry authority. The company’s stewardship in crumb rubber alternatives for athletic field and landscape management comes from genuine concern, curiosity, and the motivation to pioneer safer, more sustainable solutions without compromising on quality.

We had concerns about the cleanliness and safety of the most commonly used turf infills on the market, so we sought out to make turf infill products that we would allow our own children and family pets to play on without hesitation. With a focus on safety, sanitation, and sustainability, our products are the best choice for families choosing a turf system as a part of their homes’ landscape designs.

USGreentech meets homeowners at the critical intersection of incredible performance, safety, and sustainability. Both Envirofill and Safeshell were designed as earth-friendly, low-maintenance infill solutions safe for rigorously used fields and homes (and the people who play on them!).

Fun Ideas for Your Kids’ Turf

Alright, now that you know your kids’ backyard heaven is going to be allergen, dust, and toxin-free, let’s make it really cool!

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1. Outdoor Sensory Stations

We’re big fans of setting up simple “sensory stations” for younger kids. Using PVC and plastic containers, like this one. Add some sand, water, foam, or other fun (and natural) substances. Younger children will play, experiment and make (containable) messes for hours!


2. Night-time Nooks

Ready to enchant your little ones? Sometimes, all that takes is a string of twinkle lights, or a cloth tent with outdoor lanterns. When the sun goes down, turn the outdoor play up with magical yet extremely easy features that will inspire your kids. Add some glow sticks or glow-in-the-dark paint and kids of all ages are sure to be dazzled for hours past bedtime.

3. Water Play Features

Turf is the perfect foundation for all kinds of watery fun, including slip ‘n’ slides, sprinklers, and above ground pools. Since our turf infill is the safest and cleanest on the market, you won’t have to worry about your kids spending countless hours making full contact with it as they enjoy easy-to-install water features. Envirofill is particularly great around water features because of its high bulk density (it's heavy!), so it stays in place with much less residual tracking.

backyard landscape ideas synthetic turf4. Playground Foundation

Turf and playgrounds go together like peanut butter and jelly! At USGreentech, we sell pad in addition to our leading-edge turf infill products. Our team can help you meet any critical fall height requirements. The qualities of pad + our infill make them the best products for any playground foundation.

Are you ready for even more ways to make your backyard turf system your family’s oasis? Let’s keep the backyard inspiration flowing! Check out our recently published blog post, Top 5 Backyard Landscape Design Ideas of 2019!

Why not get in touch with the experts at USGreentech to start imagining your backyard turf system today?

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Author: Mackenzie Hesler, Marketing Manager

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