Why Use Envirofill at Breweries and Bars?

Why Use Envirofill at Breweries and BarsPicture Credit and Installation by: Plush Grass

Picture it: you’re enjoying a beautiful spring evening under the stars at a local craft beer brewery; there’s a band playing on the outdoor stage, dogs wag their tails and sit contentedly by their owners, kids giggle and dance as parents watch over them and catch up with one another.

Breweries across the country are setting up idyllic settings like the one described above...and they’re designing these outdoor spaces with turf systems installed with Envirofill turf infill, and for good reason!

Why Use Envirofill at Breweries and Bars?

There are numerous reasons to opt for artificial grass over natural grass when designing a highly trafficked outdoor event area. The first reason is that synthetic turf withstands rain, sun, and snow much better than natural grass, and it can handle large volumes of people day after day without dying, getting muddy, or being compromised in any other way.

Most breweries with outdoor spaces are kid and dog-friendly, which makes Envirofill the most compatible turf infill for artificial grass turf systems at breweries. It’s the cleanest and safest infill product on the market and it’s infused with Microban® technology, an anti-microbial protective agent that reduces ammonia odor from urine by up to 99%.

Envirofill isn’t just the cleanest; it’s the safest, too! After rigorous testing, it’s been declared a non-toxic, non-hazardous material, so it’s ideal for spaces frequented by children. In fact, it exceeds all of the safety standards set forth by the American Society for Testing and Materials, an international standard relating to the maximum level of hazardous metal in children’s toys.

It’s also easy to maintain; there is minimal effort or upkeep involved in keeping your turf’s surface lush and vibrant green. A turf system with Envirofill requires a simple, low-stress maintenance protocol that involves removing debris, grooming the surface with a turf brush,  and checking turf infill levels.

Our Favorite Outdoor Brewery Spaces Featuring Envirofill Turf Infill

Now that you know exactly why artificial grass featuring Envirofill is a smart design element at breweries, check out these craft beer establishments doing it well!

#1: Braxton Brewing Company, Bellevue and Covington, KY

Installed by Keepers Turf

Braxton Rooftop Brewery Synthetic Turf with EnvirofillPhoto Credit: Braxton Brewing Co. 

Both the Braxton Labs and The Rooftop locations feature Envirofill installed by Keepers Turf, an Ohio Envirofill Distributor. We love this review of the Braxton Labs which features lovely images of the turf landscaping. Fun fact: we used this location to film our “How to Install Artificial Turf with Swagger.”

#2: Mother Stewart’s Brewing, Springfield, OH

Installed by Keepers Turf

synthetic turf at Mother Stewarts Brewing CoPicture Credit and Installation by: Keepers Turf

Bring the kiddos and dogs to Mother Stewart’s outdoor events area for concerts, farmers’ markets, and more. The non-toxic, antimicrobial turf infill makes it the perfect spot for fresh air and craft brews with the whole family. 

#3: New Belgium Brewing Company, Fort Collins, CO

Installed by Plush Grass

artificial turf at New Belgium Brewery

Welcome to the third-largest craft brewery in the nation, a 9,500 square foot space that has an active roster of indoor and outdoor events and plenty of space for lazy weekend days with your crew (including kids and dogs)! Envirofill keeps New Belgium’s areas vibrantly green, smelling lovely, and safe for anyone who sets foot at the impressive brewery. New Belgium was installed by Plush Grass in Colorado. 

Looking for a creative solution for the outdoor spaces at your brewery or even your backyard? 

Find an Envirofill installer or distributor near you.

Picture of Mackenzie Hesler, Marketing Manager
Written by Mackenzie Hesler, Marketing Manager

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