Synthetic Turf Sports Field Prioritizes Community Safety & Withstands Hot, Rainy FL Weather

Peter Bluesten synthetic turf soccer field in Hallandale Beach, FL

As a part of the city-wide initiative to beautify the city of Hallandale Beach and to create a safe atmosphere for the community to engage in healthy activities, the Parks and Recreation Department recently designed and opened Peter Bluesten Park, a sports and recreation facility for public use. Now that the City of Hallandale Beach has successfully hosted its grand opening ceremony, Peter Bluesten Park is a place for the community to gather together and spend more time outdoors in a safe, state-of-the-art, thoughtfully-designed space. The locals enjoy community movie nights under the stars, recreational sports games such as soccer, tennis, baseball, and more. Parks such as Peter Bluesten allow communities to bond and foster a sense of pride in their hometown, as well as increase the well-being and fitness levels in their youth!

While the facilities are already enjoyed widely by the local community, locals may not know that the planning team faced several unique challenges when designing the outdoor synthetic turf soccer field at Peter Bluesten Park. It was determined in the beginning stages of planning that the field would need to withstand intense rain showers and hot temperatures typical of Hallandale Beach, a coastal town in southern Florida.

In their research, the planning team determined that turf infill selection was a critical factor in building a synthetic turf field that could successfully cope with extreme weather conditions. Turf infill is the top layer in artificial turf field systems, comprised of small grains laid between synthetic turf blades. There are many turf infill products to choose from, and they vary in meaningful ways that impact the quality, longevity, and performance of the synthetic turf fields where they’re installed.

After carefully reviewing the turf infill products on the market, Safeshell was selected and favored by the Hallandale Beach Parks and Recreation Department for its ability to withstand frequent rain, perform well in the heat, and for its unparalleled health and safety benefits.

Building An Artificial Turf Sports Field For Rainy Conditions

Synthetic turf fields exposed to frequent and intense rain perform best with dense turf infill that is heavy enough to stay in place and won’t easily float away in inclement weather. Turf infill is known to “migrate,” or move away from where it was originally installed, in rainy and windy weather conditions. Lighter-weight turf infills in particular are more prone to frequent migration on exposed fields. Fields with higher rates of migration are therefore more expensive and time-consuming to maintain, since the lost product must be replaced regularly. Additionally, low levels of turf infill causes less-than-ideal playing conditions and result in lackluster appearances of synthetic turf sports fields.

Rigorous tests have shown that Safeshell performs the same wet or dry. It’s denser then other natural turf infill products and is proven to withstand migration at sites with frequent rain (consult the chart below for more information). Because Hallandale Beach is situated on the coast of southern Florida, a region known for hurricanes and intense rainstorms, the Parks and Recreation team chose to install Safeshell on their new synthetic turf field.

this chart illustrates the best turf infill for synthetic turf sports fields exposed to rain
  • Our products are the lowest maintenance infills on the market which can help save maintenance crews time and money.
  • Simply put, Envirofill and Safeshell are heavier than the other turf infills, and they don’t float. This means they stay put in the turf fibers
    regardless of climate or hours of field play.
  • Infill staying in place is extremely important when thinking about the maintenance of a synthetic turf field. Envirofill and Safeshell won’t migrate, won’t float away, and won’t fly out.
  • This also helps limit the amount of additional infill field owners must buy because they will not need to top off as much.

Peter Bluesten’s Synthetic Turf Field: Designed for Hot Weather

The temperatures in Hallandale Beach, Florida often hit 90 degrees or hotter. It’s common for artificial turf fields to become uncomfortably hot to the touch in this sort of weather, especially turf fields installed with infill made from crumb rubber. Turf infill comprises the surface layer in turf systems, so it comes into frequent contact with skin and is highly affected by the sun. Its selection is critical to successfully designing an artificial field well-suited for hot weather.

The facility’s planning team learned that Safeshell mitigates heat and remains cooler than crumb rubber-based turf infills. The evaporative cooling effects of Safeshell reduce surface temperatures by up to 38 degrees compared to synthetic fields installed with turf infill made from crumb rubber. The planning team decided that the local community would enjoy a more comfortable and cooler experience in hot and sunny conditions with Safeshell.

Toxin and Allergen-Free Artificial Turf Keeps Communities Safe

In addition to performing well in hot and rainy weather, Safeshell was chosen by the Peter Bluesten planning team for its health and safety benefits. Made from food-grade ground walnut shells using a patent-pending FDA-approved process that eliminates allergens from the shell after separation from the nut, Safeshell is toxin and allergen-free (including nut-free), natural, and “green.” The choice to install Safeshell on the newly-opened synthetic turf soccer field alleviated any concerns related to the health and safety of Hallandale Beach’s community members and the environment. This was an important distinction that factored significantly in the planning team’s decision, as many turf infills are associated with health and safety concerns for individuals and the environment.

Safe, Natural Turf Infill: A Responsible Choice for Synthetic Turf Sports Fields and Parks

Safeshell is the only natural turf infill that’s proven to withstand regular exposure to heat, rain, and wind. It’s durable, and safe for kids, athletes, and the environment.

Ready to level up your playing field with Safeshell? Contact the USGreentech team to get Safeshell for your artificial turf system.

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Written by Mackenzie Hesler, Marketing Manager

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