2020 Top Artificial Turf Field Installs

USG - 2020 Envirofill and Safeshell Artifical Turf Fields

It’s that time of year again...the time when we look back on the last 12 months and take stock of all the amazing synthetic turf projects completed with Safeshell and Envirofill! And while 2020 has been everything but normal, we’re grateful for the customers and partners who have made this year fulfilling.

Here’s a roundup of some of the most exciting new artificial turf sport field installations from around the country, featuring Envirofill or Safeshell as the turf infill of choice!

College-level artificial turf field highlights


Eastern Washington University 

Eastern Washington University - Football Field with Envirofill Infill

EWU’s baseball field is known as “the Inferno,” due to its bright red hue. When it was time to upgrade from crumb rubber to something safer, the athletic department wanted a turf infill that would maintain their carefully curated aesthetic yet require minimal upkeep. Tan Envirofill offered low-maintenance benefits and blended in perfectly with the field’s red AstroTurf® fibers, without being too bright. Read all about this beautiful football field on the blog.

Field Partners:

  • Contractor - Coast to Coast Turf
  • Designer - Coffman Engineers 
  • Turf - AstroTurf

Montgomery County Community College

Montgomery College - Envirofill Artificial Turf Field

This Maryland-based college built a new soccer field complex that earned them the 2020 Distinguished Single Field Facility Award. It’s one of two collegiate-level fields featuring Envirofill to earn an American Sports Builder Association (ASBA) award this year!

Field Partners:

  • Installer & Turf - Act Global 
  • Designer - Gale Associates Inc. 

University of Massachusetts - Amherst

UMass Amherst - Envirofill Multipurpose Fields

UMass-Amherst’s Boyden Fields is the other collegiate-level artificial turf field complex installed with Envirofill to be nationally recognized with a 2020 Distinguished Multi-Field Facility Award for their multipurpose field with soccer and baseball facilities. Take a look at the project details and field photos.

Field Partners:

  • Contractor - R.A.D Sports 
  • Installer & Turf - Astroturf
  • Designer - Woodward & Curran

The best parks and rec artificial turf facilities


Carpenter Park Athletic Complex

4 multipurpose athletic field with Envirofill at Carpenter Park - plano Texas

This new public complex in Plano, Texas includes four multi-purpose athletic fields and was designed to be used by football, lacrosse, soccer, and rugby teams for town residents, local teams, and as a venue for tournaments. Plano’s Parks and recreation department needed a strong, non-toxic turf infill product that could endure constant play- and Envirofill certainly lives up to the test! Read more about this project.

Field Partners:

  • Contractor - Paragon Sports Constructors
  • Designer - Sports Design Group
  • Turf - Shaw 

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brookyln Bridge Park - Envirofill at Pier 5 Synthetic Turf Fields

Set on a pier system over the East River, this public park is one of NYC’s most unique and beautiful complexes. What artificial turf infill could withstand heavy wind, high traffic, and frigid temps, all while being safe and nontoxic? You guessed it- Envirofill! It’s higher bulk density keeps it in place, reducing migration and upholding optimal field conditions.

Field Partners

  • Contractor - Applied Landscape Technologies
  • Turf - Shaw 

All-Star Park

All Star Park - Baseball Field - Safeshell Warning Track

The complex is owned and operated by the Gold Crown Foundation, a Colorado-based non-profit founded by former Denver Nuggets basketball player, Bill Hanzlik, and Denver business leader, Ray Baker, and offers basketball, volleyball, golf, and enrichment programs to more than 18,000 youth annually. The facility’s artificial turf baseball field utilizes Safeshell in the warning track. Check out why plenty of other synthetic baseball fields incorporate Safeshell in their designs and don’t forget to download our baseball one-pager!

Field Partners

  • Contractor - Academy Sports Turf 
  • Turf - Shaw

High schools and school districts with Envirofill and/or Safeshell


Bowen Island Community School

Bowen ISland COmmunity School - Safeshell Artiifical turf infill

The school recently installed a multi-purpose athletic field with Safeshell infill. The British Colombia-based school wanted a high-performance, environmentally-friendly infill and especially did not want crumb rubber. Here's an article briefly explaining why.

Field Partners:

  • Contractor and Turf - Astroturf Canada
  • Designer - Binnie 

Sacred Heart Academy

Sacred Heart Aerial 2020

When this Kentucky-based, private high school needed to replace their synthetic turf, multi-purpose sports field, they sought out a dynamic turf infill to create a fast and firm surface for field hockey players that simultaneously offered soccer players the ability to slow the ball. Their previous synthetic turf field with crumb rubber could not meet their multi-sports needs, but the school’s athletic department was delighted with their selection of Envirofill, a turf infill offering the performance characteristics, underfoot feel, and ball-to-surface interaction to suit many sports. Learn more about SHA’s multi-purpose field.

Field Partners:

  • Contractor - The Motz Group
  • Turf - Shaw 

Hawken School

Hawken Aerial 2020

Here’s another fantastic project exemplifying Envirofill’s success in multi-use synthetic turf sports fields. The Ohio School District field was installed by The Motz Group and is used by Hawken School’s football, soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey teams.

Field Partners:

  • Contractor - The Motz Group
  • Turf - Shaw 

Greenwich High School

Greenwich high School 2 envirofill fields

This public high school in southern Connecticut is a repeat Envirofill customer. This year, they installed their favorite turf infill in a new multi-purpose, synthetic turf sports field, making it their school district’s third field that features Envirofill.

Field Partners:

  • Contractor - DeRosa Sports Construction Inc. 
  • Turf - Shaw Sports Turf
  • Designer - Milone and MacBroom

Ridgefield Academy

Ridgefield Academy - Envirofill

When it was time to replace the existing synthetic turf field at this private, Connecticut high school, the school’s leadership opted for a greener alternative to crumb rubber. Larry Curry, the school’s Director of Facilities and Security, explained the decision to install Envirofill. “We were interested in moving away from the crumb rubber infill that is present in many of these turf fields,” he shared. “We researched a number of infill options such as cork, coconut shell, and olive pit filling, each of which required specific maintenance and upkeep. We landed on using an antimicrobial, acrylic-coated sand infill that offers a superior playing surface with minimal maintenance. It’s the top-of-the-line infill for turf fields.” Check out Heus Field's virtual ribbon cutting here

Field Partners:

  • Installer - Sprinturf

That’s a wrap on some of our most exciting projects of the past year

If your team is planning a new athletic field complex or synthetic turf field renovation, check out all that Envirofill and Safeshell infill have to offer. And when you’re ready to make 2021 the year of non-toxic, high-performance turf, let us know!

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