2020 USGreentech Community Impact Fund Recipients

Motz Community Impact Fund Grant Recipients

In spite of the many challenges and surprises presented in 2020, The Motz Corporation team ended the year on a sweet and hopeful note as we continued our tradition of giving and connecting through our fifth annual Motz Community Impact Fund. Last year, perhaps more than any that’s come before, we realize that we are all on the same team; we’re all in this together. Giving back to the communities that we love and do business with, where we raise our families and create memories, feels extra meaningful and important.

5 years of giving (and many more to come!)

We started the 100% employee-funded grant program in 2016, in order to support the important missions of charities, non-profit organizations, and schools across the country. The fund consists solely of pledged monthly donations from our employees who select the grant recipients from a pool of national applicants at the end of each year. Thanks to the generosity of our employees, this year we were able to award 11 grants instead of our typical 10. Each of the 11 winners were each awarded a $1,000 grant. We’re proud of our employee-owners for continuing - and expanding- this legacy of giving.

This year’s winners

We’re very excited to introduce all 11 noteworthy recipients of the 2020 USGreentech Community Impact Fund. And the winners are (drumroll, please!):

2020 Community Impact Fund Grant Recipient

Use Of Awarded Funds

Clovernook Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired Clovernook Center will bring blind students throughout Ohio together virtually in March 2021 to connect, have fun and participate in new learning opportunities.
Roger Bacon High School Funds will be used to support Chemo Pax, a program designed to brighten the lives of patients who are experiencing "down" days, especially due to no visitations allowed.
East Wake Academy The grant will be used to create a school garden and composting station, helping students learn valuable lessons in sustainability, minimalism, and self-reliance.
Countryside YMCA Funds will be used to support the Countryside YMCA’s initiative to delay the progression of Parkinson's disease for all fitness levels and providing a continuum of care for people with Parkinson’s.
Goshen Local School District The school district designated their grant to buy Christmas gifts for needy families at our Spaulding Elementary School.
Ethan's Purpose Inc Awarded funds will provide small group counseling in local schools to students who suffer from depression, anxiety, grief and suicidal ideations.
FC Cincinnati Foundation Soccer Unites will use grant monies to support their in-school and after-school soccer program, which aims to expose children to soccer who would otherwise not have the opportunity to play.
Lemons Mill Elementary The school plans to create an inclusive playground space that is safe for all kids to play with their grant.
Mason Youth Organization The organization will use their grant to build adapted fields for athletes with special needs that are also inclusive for typical players, removing barriers that limit participation of those with special needs.
The Joe Nuxhall Miracle League The grant will be used to create a sensory area on their playground for sensory-sensitive children.
Diocesan Catholic Children's Home DCCH will use grant monies to provide survivors of child abuse with a safe home, nutritious meals, clothing, healthcare, specialized education, and behavioral therapy to help them heal.

Check out who our 2019 Impact Fund winners were here.

Interested in partnering with The Motz Corporation for a charitable cause? Contact us at marketing@usgreentech.com

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