5 Steps to Help Fundraise for an Artificial Turf Field

Is Your Budget Falling Shy of the Fundraising for Artificial Turf Goal Line?

Westborough High SchoolIt’s a fact of life in public education: Your athletic facilities are usually reflective of the tax base around you. Some schools simply don’t accrue the money from levies, taxes, and foundations that other schools do. So, what is a financially challenged school to do, for example, if its sports program merits a step up to artificial turf?

Try a proven strategy. Add fundraising for artificial turf to your playbook as you lay out your plan to reach your goal line.

Start with the tried-and-true ideas: raffles, car washes, bake sales, canvassing business donors, crowdfunding, admission for guest speaker events, and community coaching clinics. If your school is one of the few fortunate enough to lay claim to a financially blessed, big-time name among its alumni, seek out those celebrities, successful entrepreneurs, or athletes to gain support or sponsorship for your project. Starting with a signature donor demonstrates to your community that your project is drawing serious support and funding—providing the initial momentum necessary to reach the goal line.

Your First Play: Select a Field Designer 

To determine how much fundraising will be needed, you must first select a field designer. You can then create preliminary budgets and gain a general scope of the project to ensure that enough money is raised. Need field designer recommendations? Call us today at 888-913-2788. Allow us to share our professional contacts and resources with you.

Your Second Play: Establish the Timeline

School board members and other officers of your school need to do some homework. Find out how long it took other schools to finally place the goal posts at each end of their new artificial turf field. Did they include other improvements in their projects (e.g., new bleachers, lighting, track, fencing, restrooms, concession stands)? These additions will obviously increase your timeframe and budget.

Depending on your contacts and community support, your fundraising for artificial turf can require a year or two to reach your monetary goal. However, a typical artificial turf installation can require as little as a few months to complete. 

Third Play: Dedicate a Fundraising Committee

In your plan, include the formation of a committee in charge of fundraising for artificial turf. The committee should collectively gain input on best strategies regarding fundraisers. Such a committee stands to benefit from including board members, parents, or other business associates familiar with stadium construction and artificial turf who are happy to devote their time and offer advice. The committee should find out from other schools what worked most successfully for them when fundraising for artificial turf.

Fourth  Play: Keep Stakeholders, Community Updated

Your school board and its administration should communicate their plan thoroughly through all media devices available. Updates, bulletins, and progress meters on fundraising and construction will reinforce the buzz around your community. Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even a project-specific website, keep your community fully apprised of the next fundraiser and volunteer opportunities.

Never forget to include your “sales pitch” in all your communications. Make it easy for anyone to donate time or money through your website or other formats of communication.

Your Final Play: It’s All About Community and Communication

Throughout all your fundraising for artificial turf events and campaigns, keep reminding your constituents and donors of how your new artificial turf fits into the grand vision for not only your school but its greater community. Remind them how parents and students will benefit, what it will do for the sports program, and how it all adds up to more revenues in the long run, which equates to a better education overall.

If your playbook is in order and your fundraising for artificial turf is well strategized, watching the ball cross the goal lines of a new artificial turf playing field should be your final play.

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Written by Mackenzie Hesler, Marketing Manager

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