Beyond Crumb Rubber: A New Era in Turf Infill

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The turf system was truly a revolutionary invention in the 1960s and changed the very nature of outdoor recreation in the United States. It gained popularity quickly, and the benefits were clear for athletic fields: this brave, new system required less time and resources to maintain compared to traditional grass and mimicked a neatly cut and expertly leveled natural field. Since the 1960s, turf systems have been gradually enhancing as new technologies, and innovative solutions are released. Prior to the 1980s, turf systems contained no infill to support the turf fibers and athletes interacting on the system. During the 1980s, turf systems started to use a very basic sand infill which later progressed to a rubber sand mix, the most common infill still today.

As with most innovative ideas, its concept has been improved upon by those who used it frequently. And while the first turf systems were cutting-edge, turf still isn’t perfect. Industry experts are constantly enhancing turf systems as they learn more about the systems lifetime performance and the long term effects components can have on players.

Turf’s major flaw? Historically, turf systems are made with “crumb rubber” turf infill, which is a composite material of shredded rubber, most often sourced from used tires! It’s not ideal for making contact with the human body for many reasons, including its smell and excessively hot, uncomfortable surface on a hot summer’s day.

What’s In Your Turf Matters® 

In fact, it matters a lot. Backed by over forty years of experience, USGreentech has pioneered crumb rubber alternatives for athletic fields, playgrounds, parks, and homes. We’re convinced that turf infill should be cool, clean, and allergen-free!

Why is America thinking beyond crumb rubber for sports and landscape turf systems?


#1 USGreentech turf infill doesn’t smell!

Both our Envirofill and Safeshell turf infill options are made from safe and natural materials that don’t produce “offgas” in hot weather. Turf fields made with crumb rubber are known for the pungent smell of “offgas” during rising temps. And who wants to be the smelly kid?

#2 Our turf infill is cooler.

Don’t scorch your athletes, kiddos, or your puppy’s paws on a hot crumb rubber surface. From coast to coast, field owners wrestle with the heat of their fields and go to extreme measures to work cool them down, from installing irrigation systems that water plastic grass to limiting the amount and duration of practices.

We’ve designed a much cooler solution than crumb rubber that absorbs less heat. It’s light colors and naturally cooling materials help maintain a comfortable surface temperature, even on the hottest days.

#3 Guaranteed allergen-free, natural, and clean!

Organic, nontoxic infill for your turf system is a game-changer.

A typical football field using crumb rubber turf infill contains an estimated 20,000 ground-up, used car tires from a wide range of domestic and foreign manufacturers, all with varying regulations. There’s no guaranteeing what substances are in a crumb rubber field, and it deteriorates into dusty particles (hence the name). Is that the sort of turf your athletes, families, and pets deserve?

We don’t think so.

USGreentech offers turf infill without the grime. It’s completely non-toxic and allergen-free. Safeshell is made from walnut shells while Envirofill is infused with Microban, an antimicrobial agent!

Don’t compromise on safety, integrity, or quality. USGreentech turf infill combines performance with safety, cleanliness, and environmental stewardship for low-maintenance, long-lasting, clean turf systems!

Ready to leave crumb rubber in the past?

A better turf experience is possible. Get in touch with a USGreentech team member today.

Picture of Mackenzie Hesler, Marketing Manager
Written by Mackenzie Hesler, Marketing Manager

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