Can I Buy Turf Infill Directly From USGreentech?

At USGreentech we are often asked by prospective field owners if they can buy one of our high-performing, progressive infill solutions directly from us. The short answer to whether or not a school or municipality can buy directly from USGreentech is: maybe.


In some instances, we have been asked to furnish one of our infill products directly to an owner who is responsible for coordinating the installation with their chosen team of installation experts. While the field owner does realize a cost savings it does come with some additional, upfront work on the part of the owner including consideration on the impact, if any, on the system warranty. The warranty question is best answered by the lead contractor assembling the system. When it has been done, the owner worked with the lead contractor and felt comfortable that procuring the infill directly would not negatively impact the warranty.

The 3 scenarios we typically see owner’s consider direct purchasing is when a cooperative buying is being utilized, when an owner is tax-exempt and state laws require them to purchase direct in order to avoid sales tax, or when a school district or municipality has extensive experience in synthetic turf and is project managing their entire project.

Each situation is unique and can call for different methods of securing the products needed to create the perfect infill, turf, and shock pad combination to meet an owner’s unique needs for their athletes. Direct purchasing is possible with USGreentech after careful consideration and vetting to ensure all parties involved agree this is the most productive, cost-effective way to move forward. For more information, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email.


Picture of Adam Coleman - General Manager
Written by Adam Coleman - General Manager

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