Celebrating 10 Years of USGreentech

USGreentech 10 Year Anniversary LogoUSGreentech is proudly celebrating our 10-year anniversary this month. For the last decade, we have been laser focused on synthetic turf infill and working to advance the synthetic turf industry. We could not have accomplished everything we have in the last 10 years without the help and support of our customers, sister company, and employee owners. Throughout our years, we have made bonds and relationships that are deeper than a business transaction. We value each individual we come in contact with and are better for our experiences with them.

Starting from humble beginnings with a small team in Texas and Ohio, USGreentech has grown throughout the years to be a team of 15-employee owners. While launching a business is not always easy, seeing it grow can be a dream come true. USGreentech started in 2005 by a man who saw an industry with one primary infill option: crumb rubber. Most innovations are created by someone who recognized an issue and decided to change it. Envirofill was one of those inventions. Envirofill was created in 2005 stemming from the need to provide safer, high-performance products for pets, athletes, and children. Our parent company purchased USGreentech in 2009 after seeing a need for alternative infills to replace crumb rubber and advance the synthetic turf market.

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USGreentech is focused on one component of the synthetic turf system: the infill. Due to our diligent focus, it has allowed us to be industry experts and focus on what we do best. We have never taken our eye off the ball and are constantly working towards how we can better serve our customers. We work tirelessly to invest in relationships with our customers and are dedicated to adding value to their businesses. We realize that without a personal relationship, one cannot truly understand what is important to someone and how to help them grow. We pride ourselves on operating our company on 5 key core values. The values are as follows, and foster the culture we live by today:

  • Championship quality: Throughout our products, delivery, and service
  • Integrity: Doing the right thing
  • Think Like An Owner: A sense of pride and responsibility
  • Innovation: Striving for a better way
  • Self-Enrichment: Providing personal and professional enhancement opportunities.

While USGreentech is a highly motivated and hardworking team, we are not all work and no play. We function off of a motto: Work Smart – Play hard and that can be actively seen within our culture. We are a work family who loves to give back to the community through service. With just over 450 volunteer hours spent for the current year, we are still looking to see how we can make an impact. We also enjoy our time at company picnics, playing with puppies in the office, have a combined bowling average of 250, and occasionally throw axes at company fall outings. While only half of our team is local, that does not stop the whole team from bonding. Our remote employees can often be found video chatting throughout the day to stay connected with the home office. 

Each and every one of our forward-thinking customers and business partners have granted us the ability to innovate and elevate the synthetic turf industry to a higher standard. Thank you for helping us impact the lives of our customers and end users. While a lot can change in 10 years, progress still needs to be made. USGreentech plans to be around for years to come to see that progress is made. With the valued partnerships of our customers, we will continue to Create Better Turf Systems Together.

Huge thank you to our current team, and those who helped us build the organization you see today.

USGreentech Team 2019




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Written by Ashley Schriefer

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