Envirofill Video: Learn Where Your Infill Comes From

You deserve to know exactly where your infill comes from. Your kids are spending hours each week playing on an artificial turf surface. The last thing you’ll want to worry about is the infill.

Envirofill® is USGreentech’s flagship infill. Introduced in 2005, this progressive infill, made specifically for synthetic turf, was a true pioneer when the industry was completely focused on infill made from old car tires. At USGreentech, we believe that “where your infill comes from” should not be a mystery. Watch this video to learn about the journey from Texas to your turf.

Video Transcript:

Texas is known for a lot of things.  But most people don't know that just beneath the surface of the beautiful landscape of Central Texas lies the most finest quartz sand. Found nowhere else in the world, we have made this premiere sand  the core of Envirofill® since 2005. Known for its highly rounded shape that resists compaction, it will not change over the life over of your field. A must-have when consistent and high performance is desired. From its origin in Voca, Texas, the sand travels 80 miles to Ballinger where it is covered with our proprietary, non-toxic coating that is infused with Microban® antimicrobial protection. This helps prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains and odors. The coating is extremely durable and completely encapsulates the sand so there is no dust created during installation or use.

Envirofill is Field Owner Friendly. It is free of watering, does not require consistent top-off and resists changes brought on by the harshest weather conditions. Envirofill is the longest lasting profession infill on the market backed by a 16 year warranty. And because of its superior durability, Envirofill can be reused in a field for a second life-cycle with no decrease in performance. Envirofill is the infill of choice for athletes craving a firm, fast, safe and consistent surface. It's tough enough for any game and players love it for its safety and responsiveness. 

The performance you've always wanted from the last infill you'll ever need. 

Learn more about Envirofill product features here.

Picture of Mackenzie Hesler, Marketing Manager
Written by Mackenzie Hesler, Marketing Manager

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