Watch the Safeshell Video: From Farm to Field.

Safeshell is USGreentech’s latest infill innovation! Years of listening to customers, product development and many iterations have led to a product that bridges the best of synthetic turf with the best of mother nature. Safeshell is everything you love about an organic infill…without the hassle.

Durable, low maintenance and domestically-sourced, Safeshell excels where other organic infills fall short. It does not float and can reduce surface temperatures by up to 38 degrees when compared with crumb rubber. We use a proprietary process that eliminates virtually all allergens which can be associated with tree nuts – so all you need to worry about is the competition.

Watch the video below to follow Safeshell on its journey from farm to field, plus see it in action at the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park in Brooklyn, New York.

Video Transcript:

Across the Midwest, innovation is happening. Bridging our past and future. Time seems to go by a little slower here, but that’s a good thing. Every year, across America’s Heartland - from Missouri, to Ohio to Tennessee - Mother Nature produces one of the most incredible natural products: the Black Walnut. And, each October, a tradition hundreds of years in the making continues with the harvesting of this bounty – hand by hand, generation to generation.

We’re crafting this remarkable, natural product into an innovative, organic and safe solution for fields across the world. Safeshell is an organic infill made from a proprietary blend of 100% USA-grown walnut shells. This natural, food-grade product that gives Safeshell its special qualities, results in playing fields that are easier to maintain and have cooler surface temperatures. Developed with athletes in mind, Safeshell creates the perfect balance of firm and fast for high-performance, player-friendly fields.

Farm to field. Choosing Safeshell gives peace of mind in knowing exactly where your infill comes from.

Learn more about Safeshell product features here.

Picture of Mackenzie Hesler, Marketing Manager
Written by Mackenzie Hesler, Marketing Manager

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