Top 10 Things To Know About Shipping Product with USGreentech

Delivery costs have become such a crucial part of business over the last decade. With ever changing capacity, rising/falling fuel, a fluctuating economy, and continued driver turnover, freight can be a tricky thing to manage. Luckily, we’ve put together a Top 10 List of things to consider when ordering from USGreentech.


Number 1 – Full truck vs partial truck

To drive down your freight cost per bag, its best to spread freight costs over as many bags as possible. To do that, you’ll need to maximize the number of bags on your shipment. Shipping a full dedicated truck will be more economical per bag than shipping a pallet or two at a time.

Number 2 – Delivery inspections

When a driver arrives, be sure to inspect your delivery. Walk around the pallet(s) and look for signs of damage [pallet damage, punctured bag, torn wrapping, etc.]. Verify the pallet count on the Bill of Lading [BOL] and the listed SKUs on the BOL with the actual pallet count and SKUs. DO NOT sign for or accept delivery without first inspecting your shipment.

Number 3 – Customized shipments just for you!

There are many modes of transportation; Van trucks, flatbeds, less-than-truckload (LTL), partial truckload, rail, and ocean to name a few. We offer each of these methods in order to suit your needs. Van trucks are typically dock to dock. Flatbeds usually to a job site or a location without a freight dock [ALL flatbeds should be tarped to protect the pallets]. LTL shipments are reserved for smaller orders or orders direct to a job site such as a school, park, or residence. Partial truckloads are often about half of a full truckload. They take a bit longer to source as the trailer space is shared with another shipment going in a similar direction. Rail (intermodal) and ocean (international) are exactly that, via rail and via ocean containers. Rail transit times are much longer, but can provide cost savings if planning ahead.

Number 4 – LTL Shipping

LTL offers various “a la carte” items such as lift gate at delivery, residential delivery, delivery to a school, etc. USGreentech offers appointments as a standard for all LTL shipments so you can know exactly when your shipment will arrive. A lift gate will alleviate the unload process by providing a means for your freight to be lowered from the truck bed to the ground without the need for a forklift [unless you need to move the pallet after being lowered in place]. Lastly, we strongly encourage you to avoid any redeliveries or change of address after order is picked up as the costs to do this is expensive.

Number 5 – Keep a copy of the BOL

Don’t forget to sign and keep a copy of the BOL for your records. Be sure any damages or shortages are captured on your copy as well as the drivers copy.

Number 6 – Co-shipping Envirofill with other items

Envirofill is heavy and takes up less room than other products. Due to this, we max out a trucks weight capacity long before its volume capacity. By removing a few pallets of Envirofill, it allows us to load pallets of lighter weight material such as a pad or our Safeshell product. We can also mix and match SKUs or products based on a customer’s needs.

Number 7 – Freight class and why it matters

Picture your living room filled with bowling balls. Now picture your living room filled with feathers. In both scenarios the size of the room doesn’t change, however, the total weight of the item does. The room full of bowling balls will weigh much more than the room full of feathers. That is what freight classes help to identify – the density of an item. Envirofill is a class 50, meaning it’s the highest bulk density in shipping terms. Pads on the other hand may be a class 100 or 125. This indicates that the pad is less dense than Envirofill. Be sure if you are quoting a shipment via LTL that you verify your freight class to quote properly.

Number 8 – Detention [I will not write on the wall. I will not write on the wall. I will not…]

No, not that kind of detention, but similar! Detention in the freight world is when a driver/truck has to wait longer than a specified time to load or unload. If a truck isn’t moving, and isn’t being loaded or unloaded, its sitting idle and not providing transportation value. Because of this, carriers will usually offer 1 to 2 hours of “free time” to allow a driver to get loaded or unloaded. If a driver has to wait longer than the specified time, carriers will start to charge “detention”. Detention can cost anywhere from $50 to as high as $200 per hour, depending on the severity of the wait. Be sure to schedule appointments and be prepared to promptly load or unload your shipment when a truck arrives.

Number 9 – Pickups at USGreentech

We like to stay flexible at USGreentech, however there are some basic rules of thumb to successfully pickup from our locations. Always call to schedule an appointment. This allows us to prepare an order and know when to expect a truck to arrive. This will ensure the carrier gets in and out within a short time frame and keeps the freight moving [avoiding detention]. As mentioned above, an idle truck is not providing value. We have the ability to load many methods of transportation [see number 3]. However, some of our locations have restrictions on specific trailer types [ex. Conestoga, drop deck, refrigerated trailer, etc.]. As I said, we like to stay flexible but don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions about picking up orders from our facilities.

Number 10 – USGreentech on-time percentage

We pride ourselves on our humbleness and modest attitudes. But there is one statistic when it comes to freight that we love to talk about; Our on-time percentage. Amazon has done a fantastic job altering everyone’s expectations on delivery speeds and on-time arrivals. We support this service expectation which is why we boast about our 98.3+% on time deliveries. We know things can and likely will go wrong with freight, it’s the nature of the beast. However, we also understand how to react swiftly and put things in place to prevent delays from occurring. Every order is our most important order…go on, let us prove it to you!


Picture of Ross Vocke, Operations Manager
Written by Ross Vocke, Operations Manager

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