USGreentech Announces Rebrand Under the Motz Banner

Two brands come together to leverage experience and expertise for the benefit of customers and the industry


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Cincinnati, OH - USGreentech and The Motz Group will rebrand as Motz to leverage and promote the unique history and competencies of the organization's employee-owners to further enhance its remarkable customer experience. This rebrand embodies the strengths of the organization from a stable track record within the industry, diverse expertise, and a long-term evergreen mindset. 

USGreentech, an innovative provider of artificial turf infill products for sports and landscape applications, and its sister company, The Motz Group, a leading provider of synthetic turf and natural grass field construction, announced a collective rebranding. The rebrand to Motz reflects the way the company has grown and expanded in recent years, as well as the synergy between the products and services across the organization.

The Motz Group is a full-service field construction company in natural grass and synthetic turf. The Motz Group was founded in 1977 as a lawn care company and evolved to meet the customers’ needs with a complete line of high-performance natural grass fields, synthetic turf sports fields, and maintenance for synthetic turf fields and tracks. 

USGreentech was added in 2009 as a way to improve synthetic turf systems with innovative artificial turf infill products: Envirofill and Safeshell.


This rebrand includes a new visual identity, logo and website, and a vibrant color palette. The new contemporary look emphasizes the vitality, longevity, and strength of the Motz culture, team, and customers.

Zach Burns, the CEO, explains, “Our mission is to move people to better lives and we’re able to do so through our products and services. As an Employee-Owned, Certified Evergreen company, we believe that there is strength together and we are committed to the long game for all those involved: customers, team members, and the community. Motz works relentlessly as a team to bring all the elements of quality, consistency, innovation, and reliable service together. Under this new banner name still lies the same great service and products our customers appreciate. And that will never change.” 

The products and services of both companies will remain consistent. Under this rebrand, Motz customers will recognize all the service options offered under one roof; from their top-of-the-line synthetic turf and infills, sports field construction, track and field maintenance, and more. Envirofill and Safeshell infill products will continue to be sold into the market as they are today. 

At Motz, performance isn’t a promise, performance is built. It is not just how Motz fields, tracks, or infill applications stand up to the rigors of the world’s greatest athletes or the neighborhood’s toughest playing kids. It’s the culmination of people and planning, processes and problem solving, innovations and responsiveness, and a passionate and dedicated team of people.  Keeping the long view in mind, Motz looks forward to the next 50+ years of building incredible, strong-performing lives together with their customers and community.

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About Motz:

 Founded in 1977 and serving the high-performance natural and synthetic turf markets, Motz is one of the world's most recognized and highly respected turf system specialists. This employee-owned company celebrates 45+ years in the industry and proudly stands behind its products and services to ensure long-lasting, prosperous relationships with its valued customer base. Motz’s business is built on the promise of delivering the best experience to its customers and aspires to continuously drive the industry forward and make an impact on the customers and communities they proudly serve. 

Motz Services:

Motz provides natural grass and artificial turf products, design assistance, installation, and construction for sports fields, track and field, and community recreational facilities. Motz focuses on providing advanced turf and natural grass solutions to the industry as well as a field consultant to support customers along the process. 

Motz established a maintenance division, Motz365, to serve field customers with regular cleaning and care. Motz leveled up their artificial turf services by providing Envirofill and Safeshell, an innovative line-up of specialized infill for synthetic grass applications around the world. 

Motz revamped the natural grass market by creating a high-performance natural grass rootzone management system called AirPAT to provide grounds managers the tools they need to chase perfection and react to Mother Nature. Motz took their innovation to the next level by creating Eclipse, Motz hybrid turf and natural grass field, to improve the sports field experience for athletes. 

Motz has been building performance into everything they sell and will continue to redefine the customer experience with their services and products.

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