This Year, USGreentech’s Annual Service Day Creates an Inclusive Field for All to Play!

Common Ground Site Visit - Service Day Blog

Picture a facility where kids of all ages and abilities can play on swings and slides. They can believe they are a chef in their dream kitchen or they are playing baseball and soccer in the major leagues. It is an inclusive place where all are invited to come together and play while also gaining a better understanding of each other. Does a facility like this sound too good to be true? Well guess again. All-inclusive playgrounds are being created all over the country made with a lot of innovative materials and play equipment. That vision is coming to life at Makino Park in Mason Ohio.

Community Service is Part of Our DNA

Every year, our company's two brands USGreentech and The Motz Group organize what we call a “service day” where we come together as a team and donate our time and materials to a community in need. Typically, this day consists of rallying our national team to all build a field in one day. This year, we were beyond thrilled to be a part of building Makino Park. While the COVID-19 conditions made our service day look a little different this year, nothing would stop our field crews from building a 5-a-side soccer field through donated labor and resources. In the face of adversity, it should come as no surprise that the soccer field was made possible, by the support and the generosity of USGreentech and The Motz Group as well as our partners at Shaw Sports Turf and Schmitz Foam Products.

Makino Park and The City of Mason’s Vision

Once Makino Park is complete, it will have something for everyone, including the following ADA compliant facilities: Common Ground playground, a 5-a-side soccer field, and three baseball fields.

Common Ground Park with Safeshell Field

When we heard about this project, we just knew we had to be a part of it! USGreentech and The Motz Group were brought into this process through our partnership with the FC Cincinnati Foundation who was in discussion with Cincinnati TOPSoccer to build an ADA Accessible soccer field that could be enjoyed by all. With this goal in mind, we met with Cincinnati Top Soccer to understand the unique challenges a child in a wheelchair would face when playing on a soccer field. In order to build a space these kids could call their own, we needed to build a system that could meet their needs. This is where USGreentech’s infill, Safeshell rose to the top as the best option. It is 100% natural, and when paired with the right turf and pad, Safeshell creates a system that performs exceptionally well and is ADA compliant, which ensures that those in a wheelchair also have a great experience on the turf with optimal rolling resistance.

This park has been a vision and dream of the City of Mason for a while now. With the kindness of donors, and the help of Makino, FC Cincinnati Foundation, and Mason Parks and Recreation, this vision is becoming a reality for children to enjoy! Makino Park is currently a work in progress, but it has completed a significant portion of its vision, faster than it thought it would due to an overwhelming commitment from the community. Watch this short video clip of the Common Ground playground opening to learn more about the facility and the impact it will have on the community. 


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Written by Ashley Schriefer

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