The Sun’s UV Rays Can Hurt Your Turf – Here’s How Envirofill Can Help

Ultraviolet Radiation (UV rays for short) is energy from the sun’s light spectrum that travels through space. There are 3 types of UV rays, each invisible to the human eye:

  • UVA – follows sunlight – if its daylight, you’re likely exposed
  • UVB – following sun’s heat – more intense during warmest part of the day
  • UVC – absorbed by Earth’s atmosphere – doesn’t reach the surface

UV Index

You’ve likely noticed UV rays can affect numerous things in your home; Those faded couch cushions, the brittle window curtains, or the patchy patio furniture you purchased only 2 years ago! Now what about that synthetic turf system in your backyard?

Your turf has multiple backings – the primary backing typically woven polyester or polypropylene and the secondary backing typically urethane or latex. If exposed to too much UV, the primary backing can become brittle and fall apart similar to the aforementioned patio furniture. So how you can protect your turf system? By using the right infill!

Fortunately, the infill will help protect the turf backing for the life of the infill. Wait a minute, but what about the infill being exposed? Well, there is a test using a QUV Accelerated Weathering Chamber to test an infill’s durability to prolonged UVA/UVB exposure, cycles of day and night as well as wet and dry conditions. USGreentech has done just that, spending the last 14 months taking one of its products to the extreme – Envirofill in the QUV chamber for 10,000 testing hours.


Aside from decade long in-situ testing, the QUV Accelerated Weathering Chamber is the truest test of durability in the elements. “USGreentech has carried out extensive testing on Envirofill to show its one of the most durable infill products out there.” – Kieran O’Donnell, SportsLabs USA

Envirofill Turf infill and UV Rays

These 10,000 testing hours correlate to 12+ years of extreme UVA and UVB exposure. Envirofill’s durable coating has proven time and time again its up for the challenge. For an in-situ look at Envirofill against UV exposure, check out a Blog Here from our very own Adam Coleman. Lastly, as you design your turf system be sure to consider even the things you can’t see. UV rays can wreak havoc on your household treasures so choose a turf and infill that can withstand the test of time.

Picture of Ross Vocke, Operations Manager
Written by Ross Vocke, Operations Manager

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