What Turf Companies Do We Work With?

USGreentech Works With All ContractorsThe short answer? Everyone.

USGreentech is unique in that we specialize in specialty, high performance infill that aims to address challenges for owners with their synthetic turf system. We work throughout the year to ensure all of the major turf manufacturers understand and are comfortable with the USGreentech’s recommended turf, infill and of systems. This means, no matter what company you are using to install your synthetic turf field, you can rest easy knowing we can work with any turf provider.

Over the last 18 months we have partnered with owners and designers of all shapes, sizes, and levels of expertise and in doing so have also had our product with every major turf manufacturer. This list includes but is not limited to:

  • Shaw Sports Turf
  • FieldTurf
  • AstroTurf
  • Sprinturf
  • Hellas
  • Sporturf
  • Greenfields
  • ForeverLawn

Beyond sports fields we have also worked with many of the above groups and their landscape and recreation divisions on backyards, dog runs, putting greens and so on.

At USGreentech we believe strongly in Creating Better Turf Systems Together. Give us a call today to talk about the right system for you and your community.

Picture of Mackenzie Hesler, Marketing Manager
Written by Mackenzie Hesler, Marketing Manager

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