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Folks have been using Envirofill for sports fields, dog parks, putting greens, backyards, tennis courts and more for over 10 years. We have been delivering Envirofill around the world a couple different ways… For landscape projects we sell through a nationwide distribution network. For sports projects, which are much larger and complex, we work directly with sports turf contractors. This post is to help answer some of the more daunting questions.


FAQs: Purchasing turf infill for artificial grass 

Looking to install infill in your back yard? Small recreational area? Dog run? For your business’s landscaping?

You will need to purchase through our distribution network. We have distributors that sell 50lb bags of the product directly to you and arrange delivery. If our distributors are not close enough for you to pick up Envirofill directly, most will ship directly to you from one of our warehouses or their own. Need to find where you can purchase Envirofill? Access our "Where to Find Envirofill" map here.

Access our Where to Find Envirofill Map

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Still need to buy turf for your project?

Many of our distributors sell turf and also install it. You can go to them for a one-stop shop. Our distributor locations vary, so please fill out this form or give us a call to be directed to the one that will best fit your project's needs. 

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Envirofill Super Sacks Infill Turf Project USGreentech

Envirofill super sacks arriving on a project job site.

Artificial grass that's safe for kids.

Artificial grass that's safe for kids.

Envirofill is pet safe

The grass is greener with Envirofill artificial grass turf infill.

Odorless, clean, and safe, it's man's second best friend.

Looking to install infill in a full-sized synthetic turf field?

You will need to speak with one of our Sports System Consultants! This order would come in large super sacks holding 3,000lbs each and arriving via multiple freight trucks to the project site.

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What about our Safeshell product for landscape projects?

At this point in time, Safeshell comes in super sacks and 25lb bags. If you are interested in Safeshell for a full-sized sports field, you should contact our Sports team. If you are interested in Safeshell for something smaller, we would love to accommodate you. please reach out to our Landscape Team here. 

So, how much does artificial grass installation cost?

In order to determine the price of installing an artificial turf lawn with Envirofill or Safeshell, you will need to factor in both the labor and supplies; professional turf installation experts should be able to provide a quote for both.

Here's a step-by-step look at the installation process:

  • The natural soil/grass must be removed to a depth of approx. 3-5” depending on your climate and soil type.
  • In most cases border/edging materials will be staked around the perimeter to frame in the lawn area and create a clean division between the lawn and planter beds or adjacent surfacing.
  • Laying down a weed barrier may be required for lawns that have been susceptible to invasive weed species.
  • A 2-4” layer of crushed, drainage rock that is compacted will be laid and serve as the foundation directly under the artificial grass product.
  • The turf is then rolled out, precisely and custom cut to fit the dimensions of the lawn. There will likely be multiple seams which are either glued or stapled (both recommended) to ensure no ruptures occur during active use of the area by pets, kids or entertaining. The artificial turf will have a natural direction to the grain which will dictate the finished appearance. You should make your suggestion beforehand with your contractor.
  • Finally, and potentially the most important stage, is the infilling process. All exterior artificial turf installations should be top dressed with a layer of infill material such as Envirofill. The infill will create additional ballast over the area, support and stand the grass blades vertical and prevent premature wear, cover the primary backing of the turf and inhibit UV degradation and provide additional cushion. Envirofill also has special anti-microbial properties that help prevent mold, mildew and odors caused by naturally occurring bacteria, which is why it’s excellent for pets.
  • The infill is then powerbroomed into the fibers of the artificial turf and settles into the lower half or the blade profile so you are seeing lush grass blades and not the infill.

As you can see, there are many variables that will dictate the overall cost of the project such as turf type, region, prep work required, size of your area, etc, but generally speaking you should expect to pay anywhere between $7-$16 per square foot. Specialty application such as putting greens, bocce courts or tennis courts could be more.

For more information on this topic, check out this short and helpful video.

how much does it cost to install artificial grass?Hope this helps!



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